Published on October 26, 2003 By Dingus In Blogging
I mean how much can happen in one week man? We were just out there having the most delicious time I've had. ever.(me being only 15) Riding that train high on cocaine... Not to mention about 3 packs of Newports a friggin day. Come my demise, I was speechless. For so long i was so cunning, so agile, so manipulative. So fucking awesome. I mean now, yea i have remorse, but i also have some sort of memory of those three months that me and the boys had our divineness. So like i said, as of now i have remorse..but also that sense was all worth that shit woman. It was all worth this jail that you so senselessly put yourself into. So many were brought down with me as well. With so many more, I've lost my respect, my trust, my love. But with so many less, I've gained my love, my control on life, my sense of reality.(which is not voluntarily trust me, but is a good thing alas) I mean, im the most sober as I've been in like a year and a half and it isn't all that bad. Leaving out the house arrest and the approximate 7,000$ i have to pay back to people.. I really just had an epiphany. I got to compare what i had, with with what I was curious about, and now what I am supposed to be like...I mean the middle one was the best, but with this i have a re-found ability to..uhhh..whats that word...think. My brain suddenly awoke with a jolt and now i have a sense of clarity on all that i had once forgotten. Don't take me as a fucking straight edge or whatever but i mean i forgot how being smart was. Its like my brain wasn't in Kansas no more Toto, and now its back from the wicked west. The only thing is, is that i didn't wish to go home....Tis all for the best i suppose. I guess home is where the smart is?? yea. It was just to necessary. -Dingus
on Oct 27, 2003
There is a book written. It is ALL about you. It is NOT a religious work - its title is misleading. Find "The Boomer Bible" by R. F. Laird. It is a book of you.
on Oct 27, 2003
Many appreciations...I'll definatly look into that.