Published on November 5, 2003 By Dingus In Blogging
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It all cancels out and what really matters?


"A hundred years from now we'll be gone, so fuck this shit."

i dont know what do do with myself. i feel like my chance that i've been working fucking hard towards is just gonna be taken away. im scared as to what is gonna fucking happen. im scared so i lie and it just fucks me over in the end. i dont know what to think. i thought i was starting to progress and i just get kicked back in the fucking dirt. its hopeless.
on Nov 05, 2003
Well, what I have figured out about life so far can be summed up in two points

1. The purpose of life is to be happy.
2. True and lasting happiness can only be known by being able to fully appreciate *this* moment.

As for the explanations as to why these two points are true, that would take many pages to explain.
on Nov 06, 2003
When you get kicked in the dirt.....roll around in it....shove your face in it.....and just enjoy the dirt. As you said in time it will all be gone, so it doesnt matter. Happy is having fun with whatever you're dealt, or deal to yourself.
on Nov 06, 2003
Trailer 31. Second seat back, last row on the left. hhhooooo yeeeaa.