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For so long I had a group of allies who were nothing but good to me for some wonderful years of my life.. Some of them even a more lengthy time. We had too much fucking fun all the fucking time. We got in our squabbles and all that normal mortal kombat shit. We were these kids who loved ska, our music, our life. The five of us would go to shows about as often as we would shower.(the not dirty way) They were wholesome. The warm fuzziness omitted from them all the time.

Alright, high school. I met this guy. He was(and still is) fucking great as hell.. you see I go for the strange but still totally gorgeous ones. Not to mention the uh..assholes...(I love you monkey, I‘m an asshole too) Very talented and hands on guy you know? But I got caught up in how great he was and how great the new group of friends I met were and truthfully, my old friends started to fade in my mind. Hey, but it wasn't all my fault. They were trying to protect me because they detected something truly foul within these new kids of mine. Although they were awesome people, they had an evilness about them..(which I have always had over any of my friends until then my whole life)..haha..u guys know I was always a little more bad-ass.....And so... Here goes the saga.......

.........The two groups clashed and the dark side prevailed..And so I traveled far and wide with the fellowship of the bong.

Time goes on and shit happens..With my fellowship..I discovered some of the greatest ways to have a good time on (and off)of this planet. New things, new people, crazy fucking times. Great As Hell..and I have no doubts about that. People moved in and out one really that permanent other then the select few. One moved away and then our times also started to fade.

So we come to the last few months of my freshman career. As my boyfriend got engulfed in the fast life, I stayed back in the stoned life. It was the era of the vixens. I was surrounded with estrogen and for a while it wasn't all that bad. The four of us traveled the world being perky and flipping our hair left and right..You know, hypnotizing the men. O yea.(not like I was thinking about on any of that in those harsh days between us baby:) sorry guys gotta stay out of trouble..Well anyway it was all koolaid and fried chicken until the middle of the summer when I ventured upon a long lost companion as I traveled the rolling-son.

His name was Spyder. We reminisced about our days and felt foolish for ever letting them run astray. There was the decision to have a reunion of the fellowship and begin my ninja training once again.

My companion and I journeyed through the hills and valleys whilst everyone was caught up in whatever it is they had to do. For a while we were only together and occasionally some bunny worshipers were thrown into the mix. What a high time in my life I must say..Twas fucking great also..But soon, by choice I believe, Spyder and I tossed another one of my female companions into the mix.

The three of us blazed whatever we fucking saw man. Nowhere..24 hours a fucking day. It was too great...And as time progressed once more, my evil-ass trouble making(but loveable) boyfriend got pulled back into the gravity of that fucking bong.

So then the four of us went on...I missed out on so much reality in this part of my lifetime..And it was probably the best time I had with the most people I loved in one place. But soon the three of us became more outlandish then the other,(on our fault) my female compadre got flung out of the inner circle.

Spyder would constantly preach about this occurrence. He truly had the best heart of all of us and felt for the one who we had so viciously disposed of. We all knew the reason, because she didn't fit in. We didn't feel it acceptable for such a woman to be around such rude happenings. Truly, she didn't want to be around such persons who committed such things either. She was the Wisest of all.

And so she left. I felt the pain in my heart, of a lost female companion. The one who understood me like no one else could ever comprehend. Not only my companion come to think, but my sister, a real part of who I was. Through all tough and all sweet she was there, no matter how I abused her and how much I took advantage of a love too dear to me, she was fucking there no matter what. The way I saw it then at the time was that of betrayal. The truth was, I scared her away. I scared her away by transforming into something desensitized to the emotions of anything else but the ones who were in it with me. I was the one who had betrayed.

My Wise companion had tried all she could to bring me back and reveal to me my true actions until she was worn into a thin shell of what she once thought was she was. And so the day came when she had totally disintegrated and was thrust upon the search for acceptance from individuals other then myself. For this, I am unconditionally sorry.

As I stayed ignorant to the world revolving about my feet, gravity let go of me a bit more each day. As I got sucked up the nostril of the pure rush of what I thought did me so much justice.

Each day my companions and I would blow off the lines of people who were trying their best to prevent a sorrowful happening, and in these days I grew the most cunning. I can't say that it was good, but in this time the knowledge of human nature escalated in my intellect. I learned how to work around people and their emotions as well as working about my own. I became Jonny Cochran’s fucking padawan. I had this sense of power that I had never cradled before. It was tremendously addictive.

I thought about the feeble ones who were out there working for what they wanted and needed in life, and I told myself that I was simply too evolved for them and that they deserved what I was giving to them because they were too ignorant to the fact. In actuality, I was scavenging off of those who simply wanted to avoid the fact that they had lost a once wholesome child. I had put to shame all who I once loved and cherished.

And so came my demise. That fateful day when my kindred had broken me. That fateful day when all sinister would come to a screeching halt.

And so came my renaissance. That grateful day when my kindred had enlightened me. That grateful day when all blessings would come to an awakening. (and I'm not religious)

So here you have me, only a week and a half akin. The clear and yet vibrant world is put before my feet. I feel that now that all of this that has put me in a jail, has truly led to my liberation. As it is, two roads are diverging along a path, and I'm ready to take the one less traveled by.

I’m sorry to those who I have betrayed. Dingus

on Oct 27, 2003
This is good jop,though I cann't fully understand.I think you may do something that can attract you more readers.well I'd like to read it another time.Thanks .I will come next time.
on Oct 27, 2003
hey nice very interesting i learned a lot over this past 10 minutes i know im slow reader watever bs but yea i just hope all ure shit works out
on Oct 27, 2003
Thanks man..Its really pertaining to an event that just happened to me u know??..Pretty much posted for the informed readers...I appreciate it a lot though. Dingus