Published on October 29, 2003 By Dingus In Blogging
have i failed my training? i really thought things were going well and that as a person i was really starting to fucking progress. now what i've forgotten has unexpectedly reared its ugly head. what next? i dont feel as if im strong enough to endure such occurances.dingus
on Oct 29, 2003
Like i told you before, and i'll say again. You did the absolute worst to me. and i know your not strong enough now, and that's why i'm here. im strong enough for the both of us. i've always been there for you no matter FUCKING WHAT!!!! and im here for you now. and i hope you understand that no matter what i fucking say. im strong enough to get you through it. your a fucking ninja. ninjas are strong even if they dont know that. and i. ohhh..i am all, though, not a the sourceress who guides ninjas when they have fallen off paths...